Following on from our earlier article (read here) we are pleased to announce details of our new/pivoted/relaunched platform concept:

What is Moonshots?

Moonshots Farm is the brand new fun way to freely farm trending new tokens every other day! Passively build a wide portfolio of potential x1000 moonshots, follow the communities and hope…

As we head into the holiday season, new plan for the future to restore greatness for the community!

As i’m sure you’re all aware, unfortunately Squirrel hasn’t been doing so well past few months. Both price & TVL insured has been trending down and community seems to be getting less…

Some insight into the powerful new NUTS use-case launching next week on Squirrel.Finance:

What is Price Protection? 🔏
Price Protection is a brand new DeFi product in our ecosystem which allows you to add cover to your favourite tokens, and if they fall 75%+ over 2 days then you will be…

Some insight into the “King of the Hill” changes coming to Squirrel.Finance’s fomo future rounds 🔑

So what’s being changed? 👷
Next round FarmFomo is being tweaked to play in a more “King of the Hill” approach in order to reduce frustration by sometimes having to spend too much time staring…

What is Fomo? Squirrel’s latest product brings Fomo to the BinanceSmartChain. FarmFomo is a mash-up of the “no-loss lottery” concept mixed with a classic “Fomo3D” jackpot game which rewards players for buying the last key before the timer runs out, unlocking the jackpot reward!

So how does Fomo work? 🔑

We’ve answered some frequently asked questions below to help assist:

What is the Total Supply?

Currently supply is 1.3m NUTS, there’s no hard cap yet because each farm emits 1–3k NUTS per week 👍 This amount has been reduced each week (from 10k nuts per farm per week at launch) and will continue to be…

Some insight into the short term future for the Squirrel.Finance ecosystem

Increased Insurance Cover 💰

Another priority of ours as the market-cap & liquidity increases is to offer more NUTS collateral per farm as insurance. Increasing the max compensation split between farmers can further increase our TVL in insured farms. Higher TVL brings in…

When you deposit into a Squirrel.Finance insured farm you are depositing into an insured (“wrapped”) version of an existing bsc farm.

Each insured farm is covered by NUTS collateral which pays out automatically to users if the underlying farm has any withdrawal issues (such as “rugs” etc.)

Example 1:
User deposits…

📈 Origin Story

Squirrel Finance platform launched on Ethereum in 2020 with the rise of DeFi farming. The problem introduced was some of these experimental farming projects can leave unsavvy farmers exposed if something were to go wrong. Because of the crazy APR % some of these can offer in the first few…

Squirrel Finance

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