Some insight into the “King of the Hill” changes coming to Squirrel.Finance’s fomo future rounds 🔑

FarmFomo mostly remains the same but with some game tweaks to spice it up!

So what’s being changed? 👷
Next round FarmFomo is being tweaked to play in a more “King of the Hill” approach in order to reduce frustration by sometimes having to spend too much time staring at the timer as it gets low if you want to win.

This new approach introduces “Kings” (the last 3 keys spent) and whilst you are king you are continuously earning a portion of the pot until you’re replaced! (Tentatively will start at something like 5% of the pot…

What is Fomo? Squirrel’s latest product brings Fomo to the BinanceSmartChain. FarmFomo is a mash-up of the “no-loss lottery” concept mixed with a classic “Fomo3D” jackpot game which rewards players for buying the last key before the timer runs out, unlocking the jackpot reward!

Farm or trade KEYS and fight for the lucrative pot with FarmFomo.

So how does Fomo work? 🔑
The game revolves around keys and the timer, players spend keys which give them a slice of the jackpot if they’re one of the last five to spend their keys before the timer hits zero. Each key adds time to the clock, extending the round for more action! This starts at…

We’ve answered some frequently asked questions below to help assist:

What is the Total Supply?

Currently supply is 1.3m NUTS, there’s no hard cap yet because each farm emits 1–3k NUTS per week 👍 This amount has been reduced each week (from 10k nuts per farm per week at launch) and will continue to be reduced over time to lower inflation.

Has NUTS been audited?

Yes, we’re pleased to announce Certik has now published their report auditing Squirrel Finance. You can find it here!

Where are my vault earnings?

Vaults auto-compound, so for example in the Cake Vault all your earnt cake is automatically added to your deposit. …

Some insight into the short term future for the Squirrel.Finance ecosystem

Scrat has big plans for his NUTS

Increased Insurance Cover 💰

Another priority of ours as the market-cap & liquidity increases is to offer more NUTS collateral per farm as insurance. Increasing the max compensation split between farmers can further increase our TVL in insured farms. Higher TVL brings in more fees which means more value for NUTS. Currently insurance fees are bought back as NUTS and distributed to the NUTS farm, but the long term goal is some of these are burnt instead so with enough TVL in farms NUTS can become deflationary with an implicit hardcap!

When you deposit into a Squirrel.Finance insured farm you are depositing into an insured (“wrapped”) version of an existing bsc farm.

Cake farm deposits into Pancake’s pool to farm CAKE + bonus NUTS

Each insured farm is covered by NUTS collateral which pays out automatically to users if the underlying farm has any withdrawal issues (such as “rugs” etc.)

Example 1:
User deposits 10 CAKE into Cake Farm, they then unstake a day later & receive their 10 CAKE back. In this case no NUTS compensation is needed.

Example 2:
User deposits 10 CAKE into Cake Farm, but when they come to unstake PancakeSwap’s farm has lost their CAKE (e.g. rug or unintentional…

An ecosystem to simple & secure farming.

📈 Origin Story

Squirrel Finance platform launched on Ethereum in 2020 with the rise of DeFi farming. The problem introduced was some of these experimental farming projects can leave unsavvy farmers exposed if something were to go wrong. Because of the crazy APR % some of these can offer in the first few days, many users completely neglect to account for the possible risks introduced (Yolo-farming). Insure was designed to mitigate this by providing farm insurance cover, e.g. compensation should something go wrong whilst farming.

However the tokenomics of NUTS on eth was not fitting with the current landscape, besides the coverage it…

edit: v2 is now live on BSC Squirrel.Finance 🎉 Also the eth redemption has now taken place, old eth nut holders should have received eth in their wallet!

Below outlines our plan to shortly launch an improved v2 of our platform on the growing BSC chain & the plan for eth redemption of existing tokens:

Scrat has big plans for his NUTS

Whats happening?
With the recent rise of yield farming on BSC we believe there is a grand opportunity for our DeFi insurance platform to thrive with new tokenomics. …

The 23rd weekly recap & brief news about Squirrel.Finance

Scrat watching as BTC briefly surpasses $50k price 📈

Welcome back to another weekly project update, thanks to everyone who gave feedback on the previous weeks 👍

Marketing updates 🌎

Following on again from last week, this week continued marketing efforts including sponsored twitter giveaway, another post on /r/cryptomoonshots & another round of 2 NUTS airdrops to active uniswap addresses, gas fees still high so waiting for it to calm down ️for additional drops. In terms of progress there is a slowly growing number of holders & price is recovering nicely at $3. …

The 22nd weekly recap & brief news about Squirrel.Finance

Scrat inside his new Tesla car after the news they bought $1.5b BTC 💸

Welcome back to another weekly project update, thanks to everyone who gave feedback on the previous weeks 👍

Marketing updates 🌎

Following on from last weeks article, continued trialling some more marketing to help kickstart things, and looking at price since last month seems we are making steady progress in growing. Last week did an additional £120 worth of twitters ads but instead of promoting account (for 30 more followers) was a sponsored tweet to get clicks to Squirrel.Finance homepage, roughly same price per engagement as last week (£3.58) but if they land on…

The 21st weekly recap & brief news about Squirrel.Finance

Scrat watching ETH pass $1500 for new ATH 🚀

Welcome back to another weekly project update, thanks to everyone who gave feedback on the previous weeks 👍

Marketing updates 🌎

As mentioned in last week’s article, will be continuing new efforts to grow community & adoption of the two products. In the past week have trialled two concepts, the first being an arbitrary NUTS airdrop to recently active addresses (idea being they see 2 NUTS in their etherscan and check out the project) first trialled with 50 addresses, but since the only cost is the gas we can trial more in future to…

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