Squirrel Weekly (27/10) 🐿️

The seventh weekly recap & brief news about Squirrel.Finance

Scrat busy protecting his $NUTS

Welcome back to another weekly project update, thanks to everyone who gave feedback on the previous weeks 👍

Insure Product Beta Launch 📆

Pleased to say work on Insure this past week has gone well, so able to announce a preliminary beta launch for Insure, 1st November (this Sunday) 🚀 Don’t foresee any delays, but who knows so hopefully I’ll see you all then! Remember this is just the beta (working on single eth collateral with one farm) as mentioned in last week’s article the plan is in future there will be multiple collateral tokens (and farms) supported. Excited to see how our second product goes and look forward to you all giving it a try.

Miscellaneous 🏄‍♀️

For those not aware Surf.Finance is launching tomorrow (Wednesday 28th) and NUTS-ETH will be one pair in their farm 💪 So be sure to check out their discord for full info on their project!

Thanks for reading the seventh Squirrel Weekly. If you have any questions just let me know -see you all this Sunday for the Insure beta! ⏰